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We thank you for all of your support as we celebrate 25 years of comforting the community. Our story started with a simple vision of refurbishing two oncology rooms that provided a warm and comforting surrounding for the patients and their families. What began as a small campaign of two rooms flourished into a mission of comfort and turned into 50 rooms and full hospital wings.


Early on, we realized that our mission of comfort was needed on so many additional levels. We grew into an organization today that works within all local hospitals and created and operates over 20+ comfort-based programs with the help of our incredible volunteer base. From our modest start, we have grown into an organization like no other, featuring programs such as our beloved Comfort Cart, Art and Music Program, Comfort Blankets, and so much more. So many of these programs were founded because of the direct needs in our community.

To date, we have raised over 15 million dollars that has gone right back into our community and provided the much need comfort to so many during a difficult time.

Our unique mission bridges the gap between hospital and home. Our organization is built on simple acts of kindness, which expands into providing comfort, care and dignity of every phase from paediatric to palliative.



We thank you for all your generosity over the years; it's only because of you that we are celebrating 25 years of Comforting the Community and have supported thousands of patients and their families annually.

In this unique time when we can't hold our fundraising events and we receive no government funding- we're in need of your help. There are so many ways to give, and every donation truly makes a difference as all of your dollars stay local and go to support the community.

Join our Comfort 25 Campaign and #GiveWhereYouLive.

To confirm your sponsorship please contact or office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 519-944-5143.

25 Years of Comfort

Shelley Spina

Thank you to all of you for doing the great job you do in providing comfort to patients and their families at a most difficult time. Our family experienced your generosity and kindness last year when my father was there.


Roxanne Gouin

T2B is the best! I work on the oncology floor as a housekeeper and I get to see firsthand a patient's face light up after receiving comfort from T2B.


Rose Ann Charko-Andrian

T2B was such a pleasant surprise and COMFORT to our family last year. Truly appreciate your thoughtfulness to those going through dark times.


Susan Doyle

Thank you T2B for providing me with the armour and weapons to wage my own battle. All wrapped up in strength & love!


Mark Sementilli

Gabriel and his family would end up using this very program to virtually visit with his Nonno for the last few weeks before Nonno passed away in the hospital due to Parkinson's. This program had such an impact on him and his family that all funeral donations in Nonno's name, Frank Sementilli, were directed to the T2B – iPad Program.


Michael Dame

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare | Operations Manager

The donation of these iPADs has been instrumental in connecting families with their loved ones during these difficult times. Particularly in a border city with the current international travel restrictions, the ability to have virtual face-to-face visiting with loved ones both in their final hours and while hospitalized has provided our patients and their families with some comfort and for that we are grateful. We’ve virtually connected family from the United States and for Europe with their loved ones; truly a gift. Thank you for everything that you do for us here at HDGH.their families.


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