AFP Spirit of Philanthropy Award

We are so proud that T2B’s very own Board Chair and fundraising champion, Fo Abiad, has won the ‘Spirit of Philanthropy Award’ from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

T2B is thrilled that Fo has been recognized for his years of giving, leadership, mentoring and growing this community!  

Even while running a group of companies and managing their growth, he still checks in on the organization on a daily basis and is heavily involved in the day-to-day of T2B.  He is the ultimate straight shooter with a heart of gold, very thoughtful, and always looking for ways to grow the charity.

Fo Abiad is incredibly invested and involved with T2B but also many other local non-profit organizations overall. This requires volunteering hundreds of hours of his time in organizing events, securing major sponsors, and promoting it to the local community. 

“Fo Abiad is a donor on every level, he donates his leadership, he donates financially but at the end of the day his most valuable donation is his time. Fo constantly shows up, Fo leads by example and is always motivating everyone around him. He is incredibly passionate, proud and inspiring. He is an incredible businessman and he certainly is in the business of giving where he lives. We’re all so proud and he’s is so very deserving of this award.”  - Amber Hunter, Executive Director of T2B

“Congratulations to a dear friend and true philanthropist. You make our community a better place and motivate us to do more. You couldn’t be more deserving of this recognition.” – Doris Lapico, T2B Co-Founder

T2B would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all of the outstanding and deserving individuals and organizations that are ‘changing the world with a giving heart’. So many of the recipients are amazing partners of ours and we’re proud to have been there to hear their stories and celebrate them.




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