Stephanie McLachlan - March 2018

We are proud to announce that our Volunteer of the Month for March is Stephanie McLachlan!

Stephanie joined us a Concierge Volunteer in April of 2017 but she has made an huge impact on the families and patients that we service in the community. She volunteers weekly at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare’s Tayfour Campus, helping palliative patients in the T2B Supportive Care Unit – Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Wing.  She is from the UK and an ex-police officer but moved her in 2010! On top of volunteering weekly she also works in respite care. Her outgoing and positive personality allow her to make connections with the patients and families easily. She is always able to figure out how to make each and every patient comfortable whether it be with a joke or by lending an ear to listen to their stories. Each interaction she has is unique and personal because she takes the time to get to know each person individually. She is truly amazing. When asked why she chooses to volunteer, she said, “The reason I chose to volunteer with T2B is because I want to give back.  My mum died of cancer in 1999 and I felt able to offer support to people who were at the end of life stage and to their families.  I am comfortable talking about end of life because of my personal experiences with friends, family and also in a more professional role as a Police Officer.  I enjoy talking to people and had some spare time.”

What a generous, kind and passionate woman!!

Stephanie, we are blessed that you choose T2B as a cause worthy of volunteering your time for! Thank you for all you do for those in our community!


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